Q7 offer a specialised service in the security sector, with expertise and experience in all aspects of security and related technology

Q7 Services

Presenting  clear defined consultation around compliancy, risk mitigation and data protection. Design and build solutions based upon precise specification, and product evaluation. Providing fluid integrated and project managed installations.

Door Entry

Residential and commercial entry phone systems from basic analogue point to point systems to IP Digital systems that are software driven.

Q7 have extensive knowledge of Secure by Design advisory standards and provide consultation around this best practice, Q7 can provide full consultation to both developers and architects to the design stage of any project.

Access Control

Access control provides flexibility to building management, allowing the user to focus on their business while the system manages your visitors and staffs access permissions.

Q7 provide a complete holistic approach to security evaluation and management as the threat changes so should the product and as an accredited company we know how best to facilitate these changes to maintain your security.


From small camera systems to high end fully functional dome cameras that have analytical inbuilt software capabilities as well as IP Network recorders (NVR) to capture the data footage, these images can be viewed from any external source using secure authentication and validation criteria.

Q7 will assist in maintaining your systems operational and compliance requirements.


With so many options from manufacturers, it’s easy to get lost when trying to choose a suitable turnstile system for your property. Add to this the huge number of customisation possibilities, and it soon makes sense to bring in a company who has many years’ experience designing, installing and maintaining all manner of gate systems, for sites of all sizes.


To maintain a property you need to take the right approach. Q7 builds a comprehensive report for every site we work on, which takes into account every aspect of each individual security system. From this we can provide a reliable and timely process for keeping track of the health and status of devices, head-end units, cable links and wireless infrastructure.


To provide the best and most secure coverage for a building, an intruder system is perhaps the single most important solution. These systems comprise a range of contact-closure devices to detect the opening of doors, windows and hatches – as well as infrared motion detectors which respond to the presence of an individual within a monitored space.


Q7 provides consultancy support throughout the London and the Home Counties to a diverse and varied range of clients. Our bespoke services are completely independent and we draw on our extensive experience in the field to provide a unique combination of specialist knowledge, research expertise and strategic thinking.


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