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Hello and welcome to the Q7 Integration security systems’ blog.

We hope to use this as an opportunity to keep you up-to-date as we work to bring our latest integrated security projects online.

In an industry facing huge disruption from new innovators and many emerging global security challenges – we need to ask an important question – what does security really mean?

Security isn’t just about getting the right kit – and companies aren’t just interested in the cheapest options. Increasingly we’re seeing that security is considered in tandem with the way a company treats and looks after the needs of its staff.

For example: a good access monitoring system has to be safe and not act as an unmanned policing vessel – automatically and ruthlessly making objective judgements about the behaviour of individuals in a building – but as a responsive, flexible management tool that can keep everyone safe without restricting their day-to-day activities, or inhibiting productivity.

It’s a balancing act to ensure we know who is able to gain access to sensitive areas within our homes and businesses, without cutting-off the personal freedoms of the very individuals who make up our teams, businesses and communities.

With new technologies come new ethical and moral questions we need to ask ourselves, and as a responsible provider of security solutions we need to consider these along the way.

Like I say – it’s not just about choosing the right kit – it’s about having the right approach and knowing how people and technology can work together for the benefit of everyone.

We look forward to sharing the latest developments with you via this blog, and wish you, your colleagues and your business all the best for this exciting new stage in the evolution of the security industry.